Efficiency: Intuit ProConnect Tax + Ignition
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Efficiency: Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax + Ignition

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The challenge of engaging or re-engaging clients efficiently during busy season can be a significant burden. It’s a time when everything seems to happen at once. You’re swamped with work; there’s a steady stream of clients needing your attention; and everyone expects quick, personalized service.

Juggling all this, plus the nitty-gritty of managing countless client interactions, tailoring proposals, and keeping staff on track can be quite the balancing act. And let’s not forget that, sometimes, the technology we rely on doesn’t always make things easier. This mix of challenges turns engaging clients during busy season into something more than just a regular task—it’s a real test of your planning skills and ability to keep things running smoothly.

Enter the strategic partnership between Ignition and Intuit®, bringing together the capabilities of Intuit ProConnect™ Tax, QuickBooks® Online, and Ignition to transform client engagement and payment collection. This collaboration helps pave the way for greater efficiency and profitability in firms. It streamlines the process by enabling the bulk sending of tax engagements, automates payment processes to efficiently manage and eliminate accounts receivable, and seamlessly connects various workflows.

Efficiency that helps to grow your firm, not your admin 

Imagine a tax season where client engagement is no longer a time-consuming chore. With this integration, you can seamlessly import ProConnect Tax clients into Ignition, categorize them by return type, and send proposals with engagement letters to ProConnect clients in bulk. This efficiency is perfect for firms looking to grow without increasing their administrative burden. With a one-way sync from ProConnect Tax to Ignition, the integration also ensures your client data is consistently updated.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there. Once your clients sign their proposals, automations spring into action in Ignition. The platform efficiently manages invoicing and payment collection, ensuring that all invoices are created in QuickBooks Online and marked as paid without manual intervention. 

This automation means you can set and forget your billing processes, focusing more on client service and less on administrative tasks. Moreover, Ignition enables upfront collection of client payment details in proposals to guarantee timely payments after approval. This efficient approach not only saves time but could also enhance your firm’s operational efficiency and profitability. 

How does the ProConnect Tax and Ignition integration work? 

These are the four main steps to get up and running with the integration:

  1. Connect Ignition to ProConnect Tax: First, navigate to the Apps tab in your Ignition account and select the ProConnect tile.
  2. Import your ProConnect Tax clients into Ignition: Once connected, you can import your client list into Ignition. This step is crucial for leveraging the full potential of the integration, allowing you to manage your tax client engagements directly from Ignition.
  3. Create and send tax proposals in bulk: With your ProConnect Tax clients now in Ignition, you can use Ignition’s tax proposal templates to engage multiple clients simultaneously. This feature is especially useful during the busy tax season, enabling you to send out bulk proposals with engagement letters in just a few clicks.
  4. Automated invoicing and payment collection: After your clients sign their proposals, Ignition takes over the billing process. It automatically raises invoices in QuickBooks Online, collects payments, and marks invoices as paid. This automation ensures a smooth cash flow and reduces the administrative burden of manual invoicing.

3 best practice tips for maximizing the integration’s benefits

  1. Use the client filtering feature in Ignition to tailor proposals according to the ProConnect Tax return type.
  2. Leverage bulk proposal creation in Ignition. You can create hundreds of tax proposals in bulk based on the return types.
  3. Explore Intuit Tax Advisor proposal templates in Ignition to expand your service offerings.

Elevating your efficiency this tax season

Integrating ProConnect with Ignition not only simplifies client engagement and revenue collection during the busy season and beyond; it also enhances the entire process from start to finish.

Jorge Olavarrieta, vice president of Product Management and Design at Intuit, said, “By integrating with ProConnect Tax, firms can now streamline their client engagements and payment collection processes, enabling them to focus on providing the best service to their clients and growing their business.”

By leveraging the combined capabilities of ProConnect and Ignition, firms can explore new ways to organize their workflows, potentially enhancing their day-to-day operations during the busiest times of the year.

This blog post was co-written with Ignition. I have obtained permission to share it on my website/social media. For the original source of this post, please visit https://www.ignitionapp.com/blog.

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