SafeSend streamlines workflow for Intuit Lacerte Tax
SafeSend streamlines workflow for Intuit Lacerte Tax Vertical

SafeSend streamlines workflow for Intuit® Lacerte® Tax

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The SafeSend Suite is a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance workflow efficiency and client service for accounting firms, particularly those using Intuit® Lacerte® Tax. Through its innovative features and unmatched client experience, SafeSend addresses common pain points throughout the tax process, client communication, and e-sign processes.

This end-to-end tax workflow equips firms to serve their clients with a guided and intuitive experience across all touchpoints, including automated reminders, online payment options, tax return summary, and more—all in one place.

SafeSend Returns:

  • Automate the assembly and delivery of tax returns securely to clients.
  • Provide options for electronic signatures, eliminating the need for paper-based signatures and expediting the filing process.
  • Provide clients with a guided client experience, a simple three-step process that allows clients to review, sign, and make payments.
  • Integrate with Lacerte Tax ensures compatibility and a smooth operation within existing workflows.

Intuit Accountants + SafeSend

SafeSend and Lacerte Tax integrate to deliver more

SafeSend Returns now integrates with Intuit Lacerte Tax, making it easy to automate tasks across your tax process, including package assembly, delivery, and e-signing

SafeSend Exchange:

  • Simplifies the secure exchange of sensitive documents between the firm and clients.
    • Single transactions.
    • Document request lists.
  • Offers encryption and tracking capabilities to ensure confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Enables efficient collaboration and communication without the need for insecure email attachments.

SafeSend Organizers:

  • Convert Lacerte Organizers to a digital, fillable format, allowing the client to fill it out on screen without any special software requirements.
  • Allows an engagement letter to be sent and e-signed.
  • Allows for a custom questionnaire to be built and sent, asking only the questions the firm needs to know without the added questions on the default questionnaire.
  • Provides the ability to upload source documents.

Other key features:

  • Streamlines engagement letters and consent forms by offering electronic delivery and signature options, individually or batch.
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating manual processes associated with assembly of documents and chasing clients.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and maintains an audit trail for record keeping purposes.

How SafeSend Suite Benefits Intuit Lacerte Users

Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Automates repetitive tasks, such as document assembly and delivery, freeing up time for accountants to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Automated reminders for signing reduce the need to continuously chase clients for their signed documents.
  • Automated payment reminders will remind clients throughout the year when tax payments are coming up.
  • Batch processing of engagement letters and organizers will save admin time.
  • 5-10 second tax return recognition and assembly (10-15 minutes on paper).
  • It takes an average of 4 minutes to process a return and deliver to the client inbox.

Unmatched Client Experience:

  • Provides a secure and user-friendly interface for clients to access and sign documents electronically, transfer files, and complete their required tasks—enhancing convenience and satisfaction.
  • Similar look and feel throughout the entire tax process, from signing and engagement letter, to reviewing their tax return and making payments.
  • No account creation, usernames, or password are required to access at any time.

Why SafeSend?

The SafeSend Suite offers a comprehensive solution for accounting firms using Lacerte Tax, addressing workflow challenges, and enhancing client service delivery. By streamlining assembly, communication, and e-signature processes, the Suite enables firms to operate more efficiently, improve client satisfaction, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Embracing the SafeSend Suite can unlock new levels of productivity and professionalism for accounting professionals. 

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