Income tax filing
Income tax filing

Pay-by-Refund: Good for You and Good for Your Clients

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Meet Victor Acevedo, an Intuit ProSeries® customer and savvy tax professional. Victor and his wife have grown their business from the ground up in the competitive New York environment, and have been creating loyal customers for over 20 years now. Their success comes from finding smart ways to meet their clients’ needs, and innovative ways to grow their revenue streams. Intuit Pay-by-Refund has been a significant part of their strategy. Last year alone, they added thousands of dollars to their bottom line through the incentive program for this client-pleasing product.

Pay-by-Refund enables tax professionals to collect payment for tax preparation directly from the taxpayer’s refund, providing convenience to the taxpayer and the tax professional.

“Pay-by-Refund takes the stress out of the payment for the client,” says Victor. “It gives us the opportunity to discuss tax preparation fees without causing stress to the client, because they don’t have to outlay the cash today. They like that it is not out of pocket.”

In addition to reducing client stress over fees, he says clients like the convenience as well. “They like that they don’t have to go to the bank or use a credit card that might have a high interest rate. They don’t have to pay any interest because it’s not a loan.”

Victor likes the conveniences Pay-by-Refund offers his own business as well. “I prefer to have clients pay me through Pay-by-Refund. It gives me reliable cash flow, rather than waiting for receivables.” He finds the process of setting up Pay-by-Refund alongside Intuit ProSeries very easy. “It’s simple because everything is integrated in my tax software. There is really no additional work at all. The majority of the information needed is already in the software for each client.”

With all of these benefits, we asked if there were any challenges with Pay-by-Refund. He said, “I have never had any issues. The software interacts perfectly.”

So, now we turn the question to our readers. With so many benefits and the opportunity to earn $10 per funded Federal transaction¹, why wait? Try Pay-by-Refund today.

¹ Offer available for current ProSeries, Lacerte and Intuit Tax Online customers only for a limited time only. Credit applies to Pay-by-Refund transactions through a participating bank only. Participating banks are Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, Refund Advantage, Republic Bank, and River City Bank. You must adopt industry refund transfer best practice principles by charging customary and reasonable processing fees to be eligible. Earn a $10 credit for every federal Pay-by-Refund transaction funded through a participating bank from Jan. 1, 2016 through April 30, 2016 beyond the number of Pay-by-Refund transactions (formerly called “Refund Transfers”) from the prior tax year. Credits will be delivered from participating banks by May 31, 2016. $35 bank set up fee applies to each federal Pay-by-Refund transaction. Additional fees apply to state Pay-by-Refund transactions. Terms, conditions, pricing features and support for all offers subject to change without notice.

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