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Cesar Garcia of Tax Advisory & Financial was one of three lucky tax professionals who won free Intuit® ProConnect™ ProSeries® software in the 2016 Pay-by-Refund Sweepstakes, but winning the Sweepstakes is not the only reason he considers himself a winner!

Cesar is not new to tax preparation, but last tax season was his first as an independent professional tax preparer. So, he developed a powerful recipe for his new business, based on what his prior experience at a firm taught him. What’s his secret? It may sound simple, but it boils down to customer service and offering services, such as ProConnect Pay-by-Refund.

Cesar sees it as his job to help clients reduce their taxable income by making sure they are aware of how to make this happen, but that’s not enough. He also knows that making a client feel confident about his or her taxes makes a difference.

“Over the years, I learned my favorite part of tax preparation is reviewing the return with a client,” he says. “That’s when you can really personalize the service: helping clients with advice for their specific situation.”

Another one of Cesar’s ingredients for success is offering Pay-by-Refund, a service that allows taxpayers to pay for tax preparation fees directly from their tax refund. He feels the benefits to clients are well worth the $35 bank fee they pay to get set up. For example, the service helps people file their taxes without having to spend cash right away to pay for tax prep services.

“Many people don’t have a lot of extra money around the holidays,” he says. “Pay-by-Refund is a convenient alternative that allows taxpayers to file their taxes, without worrying about meeting the extra, upfront expense for tax preparation.”

In fact, Cesar explains that he looks for ways to combine Pay-by-Refund with personal service for even greater results. For example, as part of the Pay-by-Refund service, he sees the ability to print tax refund checks in his office as a way to help improve security for his clients. Some people may worry that an IRS check will get lost or stolen in the mail; with Pay-by-Refund, they don’t have that worry.

At the same time, offering Pay-by-Refund helps his business. Cesar explains, “Pay-by-Refund helps me grow my client base by allowing me to serve taxpayers who don’t have the cash to pay tax preparation fees up-front.”

Sounds like a winning solution!

Pay-by-Refund is one of two offerings in the Intuit ProConnect Client Benefit Suite, designed to help you help your clients and improve their financial well-being. Visit the Client Benefit Suite website for complete Pay-by-Refund details, including participation and eligibility requirements, restrictions, currently available credits, and expected credit delivery dates.

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