Making More Money Doesn’t Need to Cost More Money

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The old adage says, “It takes money to make money.” Well, we disagree. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you increase your income at zero cost to you.

When it comes to adding income to your bottom line, you have three main routes to consider: add more clients, add new service offerings or charge more for your current services. The last option won’t be popular with your clients, so we’ve focused our tips on the first two categories. 

Crank up the referral machine

The best way to get new clients without spending money on marketing is through referrals from your existing clients. Happy clients can be your best marketing tools. The following tips are excellent ways to boost your client satisfaction stats and transform their loyalty into referrals.

Generate confidence in your work. A large reason taxpayers use a professional to process their return is so they can feel confident their return was done correctly. To help ensure that trust, Intuit® ProConnect™ Lacerte® contains thousands of error-checking diagnostics and automated calculations to help ensure you file the return right the first time, no matter how complex the return.

You can also boost client comfort levels with our Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration program, providing personalized assistance for clients in case they face an IRS audit or ID theft occurrence. This valuable service can save you and your clients time and stress.

Make it easy to work with you. Clients can get stressed about gathering the information you need. Help make it easy by using free Intuit tools, such as our digital online tax organizer portal Link, which provides a list of needed documents and a secure document upload resource so that clients can send you documents from their phone or computer without having to come to your office or mail you documents.

You can also provide easy payment options to clients, such as Pay-by-Refund, which requires no out-of-pocket expense for a client to pay for your services.

These loyalty-boosting tools are available through our ProConnect Client Benefit Suite and ProConnect Client Connection Suite.

Offer More Value Through Add-on Services

As a tax professional, your menu of services might include tax return processing, monthly bookkeeping services and additional tax-related filing services. These are all excellent ways to add income to your business, but they each require additional service time from you. Several of the services listed above as ways to help you increase your customer loyalty and referrals can also add income to your bottom line without adding hours to your day or expense to your budget.

Each of the services in our Client Benefit Suite:

  • provides financial rewards for you,
  • has zero cost to you and
  • provides valuable benefits at affordable prices to your clients.

Here are two income incentives offered to you for each product:

Pay-by-Refund: Earn $10 per Funded Federal Refund1

Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration: Earn $10 per Registration2

Click the underlined text links to learn more about any of the products or services mentioned in this article or call your Intuit representative for more information.

1Pay-by-Refund. Offer available for current Intuit ProConnect Tax Online, ProSeries and Lacerte customers only for a limited time only. Credit applies to Pay-by-Refund transactions through a participating bank only. Participating banks are Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, Refund Advantage, Republic Bank and River City Bank. You must adopt industry refund transfer best practice principles by charging customary and reasonable processing fees to be eligible. Earn a $10 credit for every federal Pay-by-Refund transaction funded through a participating bank from 1/1/17 thru 4/30/17 beyond the number of Pay-by-Refund transactions (formerly called “Refund Transfers”) from the prior tax year. Credits will be delivered from participating banks by 5/31/17. A one-time $35 bank set-up fee applies to each federal Pay-by-Refund transaction. Additional fees apply to state Pay-by-Refund filings. Terms, conditions, pricing features and support for all offers subject to change without notice.
2Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration. Eligible ProConnect Tax Online, ProSeries, and Lacerte customers can earn $10 for every client you successfully enroll for first-time Audit Assistance membership between 8/1/16 through 4/15/17. $44.95 annual client membership fee applies. For complete Program details, including participation requirements, restrictions, currently available credits and expected delivery date, see

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