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How to refresh ProSeries updates

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

This article will help you:

  • If you receive a message that updates are available to be installed, but when you try to install them, ProSeries returns a No Updates Found message;
  • ProSeries updates fail, as indicated in the ProSeries Updater log;
  • If you get a "Resolve Failed (error: 18), Failed (error: 23), or Failed (error: 34)" error message;
  • If you receive an error downloading updates.

Before you start:

  • This article references default installation paths and uses YY to reference the tax year in 20YY format. C: will always indicate the local drive and X: will always indicate the network drive.

How to resolve when the download failed:

ProSeries Updates is a two part process. The first part of the process downloads the update files from the Intuit servers, then you will be prompted to install the update. If the first part of the process fails you will not receive the pop up message that asks if you want to Install Now.

There are a few things you or your IT professional can check on the computer if the download itself is failing:

  1. Check to make sure your internet connection can connect to our servers by clicking here.
    • If you see a list of codes, then see the instructions on how to refresh your updates below.
  2. If you get an error, such as "error connection reset," "bad connection," or "blocked for your protection," your internet service provider (ISP), router or firewall may be blocking the domain.
    • If you use Comcast/Xfinity, this can often be solved by turning off Protected Browsing.
  3. You can narrow down what is causing the issue by switching to another internet connection or taking the computer to a trusted location with Wi-Fi and repeating step 1.
  4. If you get the same error message on a different internet connection, your firewall is more than likely blocking the download. See Firewall configuration and internet access for ProSeries for instructions to fix this issue.
  5. If you can access the link from a different internet connection, the issue is more than likely with your modem, router, or internet service provider. Here are a few things you, or your local IT professional, can try:
    1. Open File Explorer.
    2. Browse to C:\ProWinYY\appData for ProSeries Professional or C:\BasWinYY\appData for ProSeries Basic.
    3. Open the updatelog.txt file in Notepad.
    4. If the log shows anything about a "DNS error," turn the router and modem off.
    5. Wait 60-90 seconds and turn them back on.
    6. Once the internet connections are reconnected, try to update again.
    7. If there are no DNS errors, check the control software for the router, modem and ISP for any extra web protection tools that are enabled. These can block the downloads from working correctly.

How to resolve updates Failed (error: 18), Failed (error: 23), or Failed (error: 34):

  1. Restart your computer to make sure there are no temporary locks on the files that need updated.
  2. Check your antivirus and firewall configuration.
  3. If the errors continue to happen see the instructions below on how to refresh ProSeries updates.

Refresh ProSeries updates:

If the above steps don't work, or you're not receiving the "Failed (error: 18), Failed (error: 23), or Failed (error: 34)" messages, it's time to repair the updates. There are two ways to run the repair tool:

  • Options 1 uses the Tool Hub which is a set of tools that you can install to repair multiple issues.
  • Option 2 is to run the repair manually.

Option 1 - Run the Repair Updates tool from ProSeries Tool Hub

  1. Close ProSeries.
  2. Download the ProSeries Tool Hub Install file. Save the file  somewhere you can easily find it (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop).
  3. Open the file you downloaded (ProSeriesToolsHub_Setup.exe).
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the Tool Hub.

If you can't find the icon, do a search in Windows for ProSeries Tool Hub and select the program.

Using the tool in the ProSeries Tool Hub

  1. Open the ProSeries Tool Hub.
  2. Select Update Issues on the left.
  3. Select the tax year that you're having problems with and click on Repair Updates.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the tool.
  1. Open ProSeries.
  2. From the Updates menu, select Refresh Updates then Refresh Updates for Installed Products.
  3. Select Install Now.
  4. Once the ProSeries Update Log is shown select Close.
  5. Open ProSeries.
  6. From the Updates menu, select Update Installed Products.
  7. If updates are found select Install Now.
  8. If no updates are found select Close.

Important: Be sure to follow all these steps. Failing to check for updates a second time may cause ProSeries to remain on and old version for one or all of the installed forms.

  1. Select the Windows Start menu.
  2. In the Search field, type "Repair Updates".
    • If you're refreshing updates for tax year 2018 or prior ProSeries, enter "ProSeries Refresh Updates", instead.
  3. From the results, select the Tools - Repair Updates option (or ProSeries Refresh Updates) for the relevant tax year.
  1. Close ProSeries.
  2. Open File Explorer.
  3. Browse to the Updates folder for ProSeries:
    • For ProSeries standalone: C:\ProWinYY\Updates
    • For ProSeries network: X:\ProNetYY\Updates
    • For ProSeries Basic: C:\BasWinYY\Updates
  4. Delete all updates files from this folder except the Details.html file.
  5. Open ProSeries.
  6. From the Update menu, select Update Installed Products.
  7. Close and re-open ProSeries to make sure you're no longer prompted to install updates.

Important: It's critical that you run the updater after clearing out the updates folder, in order to replace the files previously removed.

What if none of the steps worked?

If none of the above steps fixed the update errors, the program files for updates may need to be replaced. Following these steps will not impact your client data files in any way.

To replace the program files for updates:

  1. Close ProSeries.
  2. Open File Explorer.
  3. Browse to the install folder for ProSeries:
    • For ProSeries standalone: C:\ProWinYY
    • For ProSeries network: C:\ProWinYY
    • For ProSeries Basic: C:\BasWinYY
  4. Right-click on the 32bit folder and choose Rename.
  5. Add OLD to the end and press enter to rename this to 32bitOLD.
  6. Right-click on the Forms folder and choose Rename.
  7. Add OLD to the end and press enter to rename this to FormsOLD.
  8. Sign in to My Account.
  9. From the Dashboard, click Download 20YY.
  10. Run the install file to replace these two folders.
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