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How to update ProSeries software

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Below are instructions on updating ProSeries Professional or ProSeries Basic. You can update the program within the software or without opening the software.

Running updates (TY21 and newer)

With ProSeries 2021, we introduced Background Updates designed to minimize impact to your workflow.

  • Both ProSeries Basic and ProSeries Professional will use Background Updates.
  • Background Updates aren't applicable to Intuit Hosting installation types.
  • For network installs, Background Updates will run independently on the Admin workstation and each workstation.
  • You'll see Windows desktop notifications when updates are available. Close and reopen ProSeries to apply the updates.
  • ProSeries Professional only: Background Updates replaces the Task Scheduler. Starting in tax year 2021, the Task Scheduler is no longer available.

To update ProSeries without opening the software:

If ProSeries won't open, or you want to update ProSeries prior to launching the software, use the steps below to download and apply available updates. If ProSeries won't open successfully, retrieving software updates through this method will often resolve the issue.

Windows 10:

  1. Select the Windows button.
  2. Scroll through the folders to find the folder for ProSeries 20YY where YY is the year that needs updated.
  3. Click ProSeries Update.
    • The updates will automatically download.
  4. Select Install Now when prompted.
  5. Open ProSeries.
    • The updates will be applied now.

Windows 11:

  1. Select the App Launcher.
  2. Search for ProSeries Update.
  3. Click ProSeries Update
    • The updates will automatically download.
  4. Open ProSeries
    • The updates will be applied now.

How do you know ProSeries was updated?

  • When you open ProSeries and an update has been applied, you'll see ProSeries has been updated under Messages from ProSeries.
    Has Been Updated-ProSeries-US-EXT-1-18-22.png
  • Clicking on the ProSeries has been updated message will show the ProSeries Updates Log.
  • To view the ProSeries Updates Log at any time:
    1. From the Information menu, select Logs, then Product Updates Log.

To run manual updates (TY21 and newer):

  1. From the Update menu, choose Update Installed Products.
  2. The ProSeries Updater will show that it's checking for updates.
  3. When the updates are complete, the HomeBase will show Restart ProSeries to apply updates under Messages from ProSeries.
    Apply Updates-ProSeries-US-Ext-1-18-22.png
  4. Either click on Restart ProSeries to apply updates and select Yes or close ProSeries.

If you're not seeing an update that you know to be available, sometimes refreshing ProSeries updates is the solve. See here for more info.

Viewing the release notes for a ProSeries update

  1. Along the program toolbar, go to HelpHelp Center.
  2. Within Help Center, under Technical Support, expand the ReadMe Information.
    • This will list all installed tax modules.
  3. Select the desired tax module to view its release notes.
  1. In the Windows search box in the taskbar, type in "Internet Options" and press Enter.
    • This will open the Internet Properties window.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Browsing section.
  4. Check the following checkboxes:
    • Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
    • Disable script debugging (Other)
  5. Make sure the following checkbox isn't checked:
    • Display a notification about every script error
  6. Click OK to save the changes.

Follow these steps to update ProSeries from within the software:

  1. Open ProSeries.
  2. From the Update menu, select Update Installed Products.
    • ProSeries will connect and begin downloading product updates.
  3. For When the download is complete, click Install Now to apply new updates.

Follow these steps to download new products and forms in ProSeries:

  1. From the Update menu, choose Select and Download New Products.
  2. In the Tax Year 2023 Product Selections dialog box, select the products that you want.
    • Products you previously installed will already be checked here.
  3. Click Next.
    • The program will check for available updates and begin downloading any that are found.
  4. When the ProSeries Update dialog box displays the message "Ready to Install" click Install Now.
    • If you see the ProSeries Installation Note dialog box, click OK.
  5. Wait for the download to finish and click Close to complete the install.
    • ProSeries will restart automatically.

The Task Scheduler is only available in ProSeries Professional.

Follow these steps to use the Task Scheduler:

  1. From the Update menu, select Automatic Updates (Task Scheduler).
  2. Choose Activate Automatic Updates.
    • If the Task Scheduler is already turned on, you'll see Deactivate Automatic Updates instead. If so, proceed to step 3.
  3. In the same dropdown menu, select View/Modify Schedule.
  4. Choose the Start Time and days of the week that you want Task Scheduler to install updates.
  5. Click OK.
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