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How to print a tax return from Lacerte to DMS

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

You can print different copies of a tax return from Lacerte to the Document Management System (DMS) program. DMS will save the copy of the return in PDF format.

Follow these steps to print a tax return to DMS:

  1. Open Lacerte.
  2. Select the client(s) whose tax returns you want to print to DMS.
  3. Select Print.
  4. Select Tax Return.
    • You can also start the print job by selecting the DMS icon on the toolbar and selecting Send Tax return to DMS.
  5. Select the type of Copy you want to print to DMS from the Return section.
    • Complete return
    • Custom copy
    • Preparer review copy
    • Preparer file copy
    • Client copy
    • Government filing copy
      • For the Custom copy and Partial return copies, you'll need to select what forms print with the return.
  6. Select the box Document Management System from the Return Options section.
  7. Select Settings to setup watermarks for the PDF file or to change the DMS print options (if applicable). If you don't what to make changes to the DMS print options, go to Step 9.
    • Watermark - select this box if you want to create a PDF file with a watermark. To change the watermark, enter the new watermark in the text box.
    • Send to separate folders when using MFJ/MFS split - select this box to send the returns to separate folders.
    • Send child return to parent folder when using Family Link (8615) - select this box to send the child return to the parent folder.
    • Prompt for DMS folder - select this box if you want the program to prompt you to choose a DMS folder for each return you print. You also get a chance to change the name of the PDF file before it's printed to DMS by entering in the new name in the Name box.
      • If the Prompt for DMS folder box isn't selected, DMS will place the PDF file in the default folder of Client FolderTYXXTax Returns and give the file a default name (for example, Complete return for [ClientID].pdf).
  8. Select OK in the Print Tax Return window.
  9. Open DMS when the print job is complete. You should now see a copy of the tax return for your client(s) in PDF format.
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