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The return is not showing in the EF Center

SOLVEDby Intuit16Updated March 22, 2023

This usually occurs when the tax return was unmarked for e-file or if your EF Center view is filtered.  In these cases the e-file record won't show in the EF Center (or EF Clients tab) view.

Make sure that the tax return is marked for e-file:

  1. Open the tax return you want to display in the EF Center view.
  2. On the Federal Information Worksheet scroll down to Part VI - Electronic Filing of Tax Return Information.
  3. Check the box to File the federal return electronically.
    • If applicable, check the box to File state or city returns electronically. 
    • Open each state so the return is updated with the latest change.
  4. Save the return and go to the EF Center, Pending Tab view or E-File Clients tab in ProSeries Basic.
  5. To transmit the return, select the name of the client.
  6. From the E-FIle menu, select Electronic Filing, then Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments...

Check the EF Center filtering:

ProSeries has filtering options to make it easier to find clients. If a filter is unknowingly set it may be temporarily hiding the return.

  • In ProSeries Professional: On the EF Center make sure you are on the All tab and check for the return again.
  • In ProSeries Professional: Uncheck the Filtered by box and check for the return again.
  • In ProSeries Basic: Uncheck the Filtered by box and check for the return again.
  1. Open the Information Worksheet.
  2. Scroll down to the Electronic Filing Information section.
  3. Uncheck the File state return electronically box.
  4. Uncheck the File federal return electronically box.
  5. Press F9 and then F10.
  6. Switch to the State Information Worksheet and press F9 and then F10.
  7. Switch to the Federal Information Worksheet.
  8. Scroll down to the Electronic Filing Information section.
  9. Check the File state return electronically box.
  10. Check the File federal return electronically box.
  11. Press F9 and then F10.
  12. Switch to the State Information Worksheet and press F9 and then F10.
  13. Select the EF Now button.  Both the federal and state should be available for e-file. If it isn't, proceed to the next section.
  1. These steps need to be completed from the HomeBase view for the tax type, not the EF Center.
    • For example: if the return is a 1040 return, open the Form 1040: Individual view.
  2. Select the client.
  3. From the File menu, select Client File Maintenance, then Copy/Backup.
  4. Select the Set Target Directory button.
  5. Choose your Desktop.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Select the Backup Client(s) button.
  8. Make sure the client file appears on your desktop.
  9. On the HomeBase view, select the same client, right-click and choose Delete.
  10. Close ProSeries then open ProSeries to refresh the database.
  11. From the File menu, select Client File Maintenance then Restore.
  12. Select the Set Source Directory button.
  13. Choose your Desktop.
  14. Select the client.
  15. Select Restore Client(s).
  16. Open the return, make sure it's marked for e-file for both federal and state.
  17. Save the return.

There are occasions when a tax return wasn't e-filed.  If the steps above don't correct the situation, sign in to your My Account to make sure the return was successfully e-filed. 

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