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Resolving "No valid EF Center Record Exists for this SSN/EIN" when receiving e-file acknowledgments in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

When attempting to fetch e-file acknowledgments, there may be a situation where you receive the following error message:

"No valid EF Center record exists for this SSN/EIN"

This error message occurs when ProSeries attempts to post an electronic filing status or acknowledgment to the EF Center HomeBase but cannot locate a client file with a primary taxpayer SSN that matches the status or acknowledgment that is being delivered to the software.

The most common cause of this error is:

  • The SSN of the taxpayer has been changed in the software, after submitting the return electronically but before receiving the acknowledgment for the return.
  • The taxpayer that matches the electronic filing status or acknowledgment is no longer found in the EF Center or EF Clients tab.

If the SSN of the taxpayer has not be changed, the following situations can result in this error message. Work through each one where the symptoms relate:

  1. Open the federal return.
  2. On your keyboard, press F9 and then F10 to recalculate and save the federal return.
  3. Open each state return attached.
  4. Press F9 and then F10 to recalculate and save the state return.
  5. Return to the EF Center and attempt to update the acknowledgement again.
  1. Go to the Federal Information Worksheet for the return and unmark the e-file extension box.
  2. Save the return then try updating the e-file acknowledgements again.

The return receiving the error message may have been filed before the Customer Account Number (CAN) or Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) was revised. If this is the case, enter the customer number or EFIN under which the return was originally e-filed:

  1. Open ProSeries
  2. From the Tools menu, select Options.
  3. Click the Customer Information button to enter the original CAN in the General section of the program options.
  4. In the the Firm/Preparer Information section, enter the original EFIN for the firm.
  5. Click the OK button to close the program options
  6. Open the client file and press the F9 key to recalculate the return, repeat this on each attached state tax return as well.
  7. Press the F10 key on the Federal Information Worksheet to save the return.
  8. Attempt to pull the EF Acknowledgement again using the normal process.

ProSeries is trying to retrieve an acknowledgement for a return that is not on this computer or the HomeBase no longer contains a record for that Employer Identification Number (EIN). If so, try any combination of the following:

  • Purchase and install the network version of ProSeries software. All workstations will have access to all returns.
  • E-file all returns from one computer.
  • Continue to e-file from more than one computer and ignore the error message.
  • On a network, re-syncing the database can resolve the issue. This can be performed from the HomeBase menu.

If the return is no longer showing in the EF Center or EF Clients tab, and ProSeries is installed stand-alone:

  1. Open the return.
  2. Go to the Federal Information Worksheet.
  3. Scroll down to Part VI - Electronic Filing of Tax Return Information.
  4. Make sure the federal and/or state returns are marked for e-file.
  5. From within the federal return, go to the Tools menu and select Calculate Return.
  6. If there is a state return attached, open the state return and go to the Tools menu and select Calculate Return.
  7. From to File menu, select Save Client.
  8. Return to the EF Center or EF Clients.
    • There should be a line for return.

If the return is no longer showing in the EF Center or EF Clients tab, and ProSeries is installed as a network:

  1. From the HomeBase view, go to the HomeBase menu and select Re-Sync Database.

If the return is no longer showing in HomeBase, you'll need to restore the file from a backup.

For additional help with e-file acknowledgements, also refer to Checking the acknowledgment status of an e-filed return.

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