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Winter Storm Chills Florida Taxpayers

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Well, it slows them down if they don't e-file, because Florida returns get mailed to Austin, Texas, where ICE these days isn't a reference to immigration enforcement. 

Meanwhile, Lacerte's headquarters is located in Dallas.  I know they used to have staff in Tucson, but didn't they move from there?  How many programmers and support personnel are in Texas?  They have probably been working remotely for a while, but that's difficult when the power is off.  

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"but that's difficult when the power is off."

They've always bragged about having their own grid, too.

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They do buy power from Mexico.  Problem is, it's cold down there too, with many outages.

Interesting story from Bloomberg -- I don't think a link would work for non-subscribers -- about how Texans can change electricity providers as often as some people change credit cards.  But now some companies are encouraging them to cancel their contracts, because the market price flows through to the customer and rates have spiked something like 10,000%.

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