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How Far From Bangalore to Bengaluru?

Level 15

I checked some Intuit job listings. Seems they are hiring software engineers for locations like Bangalore and Bengaluru. They also need people in Petah Tikva. I had to look that one up – it’s just east of Tel Aviv.

But they are also hiring in San Diego and Plano. That’s Plano, Texas, not the one in Illinois where they make tackle boxes.

And in Mountain View, which has to be one of the most expensive places for a software engineer to live.

When I think of California and Texas, I think of high Covid infection rates. So maybe that’s why there have been some delays and glitches this year. At least Mountain View is not having ice storms this week. Let’s hope the tax programs come from there.

And there’s a job in Eagle. Is that the one in Idaho? It requires someone to “partner effectively with all team members spread over multiple geolocations and time zones for a 24x7 coverage to deliver against commitments.”

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Level 15

Keep watching the listings.  If a job opens up in Frostbite Falls, let me know.  Orlando said the other day that it is easier to teach accountants programming than it is to teach engineers tax laws so I am pretty much guaranteed a job.  That is unless of course they check out this place and find out that I know nothing about programming or taxes.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

If they have any foresight they will sponsor a school to teach programming in a place like that, where all the children are above average.  

Level 15

"And there’s a job in Eagle. Is that the one in Idaho?"

Probably. Boise is a hot spot of computer-related industry giants. Whereas Eagle, CO barely has paved roads.

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