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Cancel 1065 Extension Filed Schedule C instead

I have an odd question. I filed a 1065 for my LLC but filed my 1040 with Schedule C rather today. I know you can cancel a filing so what do I do? Just not worry about it?

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You reported your income twice: once on  F1065 and again on F1040 Schedule C  and you ask if you should Just Not Worry About It ??        Sure - don't worry about it.


Edit:  I missed the 'extension' in the question.  So only reported income once?   However, you can't ignore filing a 1065 return if IRS is expecting one.   CP575A letter indicates what type of return IRS expects to be filed for the EIN issued.  

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If you filed an unneeded extension just let it expire.

If at first you don’t succeed…..find a workaround

Yeah, I only reported it on the Schedule C. I realized later I didn’t need to file a 1065 because I am the sole owner of my LLC. I wasn’t sure at the time so I filed to extension incase I needed to go that way. 

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