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Idaho PTE-12 / Idaho Form 65: ABE Tax Pd allocation (Column e)

Level 1

Idaho Form PTE-12 (supporting Form 65) - I'm having an issue with how column e is calculating for ABE Tax Paid by Entity.  The total tax paid is correct but the amount allocated / assigned to each partner is off.

It appears that Lacerte is driving this calculation by taking the total tax (Form 65 Line 53) multiplied by the individual partnership percentage.  The issue arises in the special allocation for 2021 ABE tax deducted at the Federal level and an add back to Idaho for each partner does not necessarily match the Idaho Profit Percentage (which matches the Federal K-1 profit %).  If the profit % from 2021 does not match 2022, then I don't see how you won't need to manually override the number.

Screen 39 does not give me an option to override / specially allocate the tax paid amount

Screen 32.1  - the override for each partner actually only overrides the total tax paid and that amount is allocated to the partners based on the above mentioned profit sharing percent

I don't see an option to override only the Idaho K-1 profit sharing percent (it appears Lacerte locks it into your Federal entry)

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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