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Capital Gains/Losses

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I have a tax client that purchased real estate 10 years ago for $50K (not principal residence) for the purpose of opening a group home but never did it.  He was approached by a government agency asking if he could sell it to them cause they needed the land for a project.  He sold it to them for $400K. He took $380K of the money and purchased another piece of property that will not be his principal residence.  Is there a way to report this transaction correctly so he doesn't pay taxes on the original gain of $350K since he re-invested the money?

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Level 15

Once his fingers touched the money, it was officially a done deal.  He needs to recognize the full gain.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 13

The only slim possibility I can think of is Section 1033.  Was there a threat of condemnation?  Doesn't sound like it, sounds like this deal was voluntary.

Level 15

Since you didn't mention when the sale was made -- last year, or last week? -- it's hard to answer.  But you might want to look into the rules on Qualified Opportunity Zone investments.  Probably too late for that, also.