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Please Add Support for Mac computers

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Please Add Support for Mac computers


Please add support for MAC or Apple computers. It would greatly add to the scope of ProSeries products especially since Apple released the Macs with the M1 Apple Silicon Chips.

Status: New
Vote now if this is a good idea
Level 15

Considered installing VirtualBox to run PS in Wins client?

Not applicable

I use fusion and bootcamp off an external drive.  No issues so far. 

Level 15

Agree, except ARM-based PC's from Apple no longer support Boot Camp.  Nevertheless, VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox should still be viable alternatives.

Level 15

Mac has a cult-following; it is not the mainstream operating system for professional services and it doesn't look like any professional tax software developer is in a hurry to spend their $$$ making their programs compatible with Mac OS.

Level 1

Using a Mac with VMWare Windows 10 and have install problems

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