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NJ fiscal Corp

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NJ fiscal Corp


The NJ fiscal Corporation (July - June 2021) seems never to be available when NJ returns start to become due. It's frustrating not being able to fully complete a tax return since the form is not available yet that return is already due. In addition, as a member of Proseries for many years and paying for the Professional version, I find it insulting to finally receive the NJ fiscal for the 2nd half of the year and then be charged by Intuit to file each return using that 2nd half NJ fiscal program. That same program is part of the following year program which is all inclusive. You can file a NJ Corp return with the 2020 program with no separate per return charge but as part of the 2019 program I have to pay an additional fee. Totally unfair.

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Level 3

I totally agree.  This has been a point of frustration for our firm for many years.

Level 5

I also agree.  I don't understand why we have to pay for each NJ fiscal corporate return.  We pay enough for the software in general so this should be included.


New Member

I am more concerned with the fact that the product is not available until the next year now. They used to issue the fiscal year product by September with October being a late issue. Now they wait until February of the following year! It's as if NJ clients no longer matter! And I agree that it is very frustrating to make our clients wait so long to get their full package of returns. Let's get with it ProSeries/Intuit!!!

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