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Make Organizer fillable by client

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Make Organizer fillable by client


Make the organizer PDFs fillable by client, so they can fill them in on their computer and send them back completed without printing.

Thank you for this idea! 

Status: Open for voting
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Level 15

It already exists, as an e-organizer.  And it costs, in addition to the software cost.

Level 15

ProSeries does not have e-organizer. Lacerte does not have a fillable PDF, but a third party does sell one. Your idea is great, but I think it is very low on the voting poll, in part because this portion of the forum is so hard to find and you need 65? votes to really get any action. 



Intuit Alumni

Votes help, but we'll be reviewing everything. Something we can do easily with a few votes might have a higher ROI than something with a lot of votes that will take a ton of effort.. so the thing with fewer votes/higher ROI might get done first.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting

Thank you for this idea! 

Level 2

I would also like editable tax organizers.  I made my own because the Proseries tax organizer is so long few clients complete it.  I'd prefer a simple list of income and deductions, with another simple list for C, E, & F schedules.  It would be nice to have check list of the tax docs they received previously to remind them.  A max of 5 pages or clients just bring it in blank.  It needs to be more user friendly for the clients who are disorganized and not tax savvy.

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