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Kentucky Form KW-2 printing sequence

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Kentucky Form KW-2 printing sequence

Andrew Modrall

Kentucky has a Form KW-2 which recaps W-2 income and withholding.   It is intended to print as the final page of a KY 740 personal tax return.    But Proseries takes this ‘last page’ too literally and causes Form KW-2 to be the very last page printed of ANY set of Kentucky tax returns.    So if the Kentucky taxpayer happens to have a Kentucky Single Member LLC, which requires Form 725 to be created, then Proseries will show Form 740 followed by Form 725, and then Proseries shows Form KW-2 at the very end.     Instead, Form KW-2 needs to be inserted as the last page of Form 740, not the very last page of all Kentucky tax forms.    As currently configured, Form KW-2 is out of place.

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