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Capital Gain (Loss) Transaction Worksheet

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Capital Gain (Loss) Transaction Worksheet


I'm perplexed as to why Intuit would get rid of the cap gain (loss) transaction worksheet.  I get that they want us to now use the 1099-B to summarize the Box A & D transactions, but if there are wash sales within those sales, we now have to break those out and separately list them in the quick entry table?  Everything about this is so clearly inefficient - from what I mentioned above, to reporting employer stock - I am enormously irritated by this.

PLEASE consider bringing back this VERY important worksheet.

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I agree.  It's shocking. I have many clients with wash sales and to have to break those out separately is a colossal amount of time.  So inefficient.  I am also extremely irritated and think that within the next couple of weeks as Brokers send out Tax information, Proseries will get quite an influx of calls.  I myself called and the technician I spoke with had absolutely no information and was surprised that the form was removed and had no remedy and could not request that someone look into it.  He told me to comment on your post and hope for the best.  If anyone at intuit is looking, it is case #560249120.   

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How do I get an additional Schedule D worksheet in Proconnect?

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agree with eml comment above  - this is TOTALLY inefficient unless I'm missing some instruction to this worksheet.


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