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Workstation Installation Error

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I am having issues installing ProSeries 2020 onto my workstation. We were able to download/install to the Admin computer, but keep getting an error when trying to install to a workstation. The error states: "Patch failed to apply with error code: 25; Verify of New File Failed. Possible Internal Error."

I have spoke with ProSeries Support for over 1.5 hours tonight and got no where. 

Has anyone else received this error and worked through it?

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Have been having the same issue, have tried updating, repairing errors and registry issues even going as far as trying on a different workstation. Calling and getting help has been hard and a joke- when the wait time was 3 hours and least time is 90 mins. Need to get rolling this season.

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Not sure if it was the same error code, but we were having the same problem. We had to disable our antivirus software and then run the workstation Setup file. 

Also, one time we got the program to download, but then it wouldn't open. We had to go to the start menu on windows and find the ProSeries 2020 Tools-Repair Udpates.

Hopefully this helps you out. 

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