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working off line

Level 2

Has anybody had an issue working with Pro series basic offline, out of the office, completed an entire tax return, only to return to the office to find the entire return missing?  I saved AS, and saved client throughout the entire work process. Gone, nothing, called tech support, this return has to be redone from the beginning!  20 years with pro series and never have I ever......anyone??  MY computer you think possible.

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Level 15
Level 15

never had it happen, I feel like Ive seen people report it happening with a network setup, but not  stand alone.

Youve searched your entire computer, all drives for the filename?

Why were you working offline?  Was the client file saved on a portable drive of some kind?

Level 11
Level 11

Data files don't usually just disappear in PS....   Sometimes the client name gets deleted or changed accidentally... search you home base for the client SSN and see if the file just got misplaced.

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Level 15

Can we assume the computer you used while out of the office to complete this return is the same computer that you use in your office ?