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Wisconsin Itemized deduction Schedule

Level 1

Looks like the gifts to charity is not moving over and being calculated on the Wisconsin Schedule 1 Itemized deduction Credit. It carries over from the Federal schedule A, but does not move over to figure into the calculations. I have tried updating several times. Any thoughts?

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Level 15

Not a lot of thoughts, but I can offer an observation.  It appears that the shiny new $300 deduction on the federal is causing problems with a number of states.  I have seen several posts about wonky, or should I use the official Intuit terminology of unexpected behavior, related to the deduction this year.  I don't know if Wisconsin is on the radar yet, but you might want to contact support at some point to make sure Intuit knows about the issue.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

Yes, they've onlly had since March to work on it.  And it was a very short ten months -- time flies when you're having fun.  

Level 5

I'm just now working on a WI return. For the WI charitable deduction credit, the amount from Sch A was deducted from FED AGI (under $600 for MFJ). Should that amount also be used as part of the WI Sch A Credits? Seems like it's double dipping just the portion that is deducted from FED AGI already. 

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