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Why is the K-40PT form showing up with an error message in all KS individual returns?

Level 3

All of a sudden this week and error message is showing up in Kansas individual that I must enter something on the K-40PT form (which is Property Tax Relief claim for low income seniors).  This form is not applicable to my clients (especially those who are NOT seniors).  I can enter $0 to get rid of the error, but I shouldn't have to do so.

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Dl, I agree with you but it might just be easier to enter the 0... It is just my opinion but it appears that sometimes the state modules receive less priority than the federal module but that is just my opinion...

Level 2

I am a preparer in Kansas also, and have the same issue with the Form k-40pt appearing on ALL returns. (EVEN returns that have already been efiled)

I just asked this same question to the group, and was directed back to your question.

I also think that I could just put a $0 in the blank that it is wanting, HOWEVER, I don't know if the form is actually getting transmitted to the State of Kansas or not. If it is, that's not good. They don't need a bunch of crazy stuff getting sent to them. 

But, the Form doesn't show up when you pull up the "Forms in Use', so maybe it isn't even actually processing  the form. Who knows. 

I plan on trying to contact Proseries this week.



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