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why is the IRS taking too long to process the installment agreements

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I submitted a few 9565 forms electronic with the tax return and the taxpayers are getting a balance due letter and later the 9565 form response but its taking almost 10-12 weeks to be processed

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The IRS doesn't have an express lane for that so sometimes things take awhile for the IRS to process.

Slava Ukraini!
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They are way behind on paper and manual processing items.

It's likely their out designing next year's tax software.

Does anyone think that those who used the IRS' system to process their 2023 returns will eventually be required to refile them?  Just a thought.

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You could ask "why is the IRS taking too long to process:

Offers in compromise



Powers of Attorney

S Elections



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Don't take this the wrong way, but if your clients would have put the money to the side to pay their taxes, as they earned the income, then they wouldn't be in this predicament now, would they?

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or if they called your before they did anything you would have advised them to have taxes withheld or make estimated payments. 

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Level 15

I stopped sending the 9465 along with the return, it always takes WAY too long for them to be processed.   I tell the client to wait for the first bill, then they can go into their own personal IRS online account and set up the payment plan.