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Why are Ohio School District Income Tax Forms not being efiled?

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Why does proseries basic not allow ohio school district income tax returns form SD100 to be efiled?  The Information Worksheet does not allow the file electronically box to be checked without an override.  If you override it, it will not efile.  I've called Customer Service 3 times and been told each time that the State of Ohio does not allow an efiled SD-100 Schedule WH, which is the schedule of withholdng.  I've called the Ohio Department of Taxation and been told that is absolutely not true.  Proseries basic SD-100 returns are not being allowed to efile even if there is no withholding.  Proseries basic program updates list the Ohio SD100 as "Ready to efile".  Customer Support has told me on 3 different occasions that the only option is to paper file.  That is not acceptable when the software says the form is ready to efile.  Is there some new flag that has to be checked to allow Ohio school district returns to efile?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

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Did you ever get an answer?


I am having same issue.



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they can but you under part VI of the FEDERAL information worksheet, you have to select Ohio and the Ohio SD 100 in the drop down box under the State(s) section

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