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We have a few returns that have been saved to a different folder. How best to move them?

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Not positive how it happened, but 99% of our data files are stored in the appropriate data folder. However, we have a handful that are stored in other folders. 

To be clear, when you view the list of returns, the far right column is Path and File Name.  Most are in the I:\ProSeries\19Data folder.  There are a few that are in other folders.  I want to move the data file to I:\ProSeries\19Data without changing any information about the return.

We tried to do a Save As, but that changed the status of returns that were already e-filed.

What is the proper procedure for moving a data file without changing any information about the return?

Thanks for your help.


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Level 15

Use Windows File Explorer, to copy/paste to the correct folder, then use Homebase Database Maintenance to sync up your Homebase list.

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It can't possibly be that easy 😉

I was afraid to try that, but I'll give it a shot and let you know.

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FYI, support got back to me... you can click on a return to highlight it, then right-click, select Move and select the destination folder.  Your solution works well for a large number of returns, but this worked well for a the half dozen I had.  Thanks, again, though, I appreciate the info.