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W2 Union Dues Box 14

Level 3

I read some previous posts about this.  Do not know if is being worked on.  I never noticed that this didn't automatically flow to a PA return and populate UE form until this year.  Is this being worked on?  

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Level 7

Box 14 is informational only.  Enter it on Misc Itemized Deductions and it will auto flow.

Level 13

Most things on the Misc Exp flow to the PA UE, but you might still need to check some boxes in PA UE.

Uniforms and Union dues flow as Direct Employee Business Exp, but are not CLAIMED until you CHECK THE BOXES.

Supplies and Others, written in and not pre-printed, flow into Misc Exp, but are not claimed until you CHECK THE BOXES.

Employee business expense from Form(s) W-2 flow to the Sch A Misc (worthless) and then to the PA UE, but only as Misc Exp, but are not claimed until you CHECK THE BOXES.

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