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Using more than computer and DCN counter

Level 2

I am using more than one computer with Pro Series Basic - the help instructions say when doing so reset the DCN counter on each computer to avoid issues. The instructions are below . However when I go to electronic filing there is no field for "DCN counter" . Any suggestions ?

To change the starting number in the DCN counter for a computer:

Go to the Tools menu, then select Options.
Select Electronic Filing in the left side of the Options dialog box.
Go to the DCN Counter field and increase the number.
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Level 15

I suggest that you process all the efiling on ONE computer. Then you don't have to worry about resetting anything. 

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Level 2

Understand that but not possible 

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Level 15

Those instructions are severely outdated.  There is no longer a DCN counter (or even a DCN)..


Level 15
Level 15

@Jacktax  if you can link me to the page with those instructions about the DCN, I'll see if I can get that page removed, its several years outdated.

The issues you may find when Efiling from multiple computers

Your EFIN is only good for Efiling from one address, so if you're Efiling from 2 different offices, your EFIN is only good in one of them, youd need to apply for a second EFIN for the second address (super fast turnaround for additional EFIN requests).

Receiving acknowledgements may get goofy, you wont be able to pick and choose which acks to retrieve,once an ack is received on one system it wont show up on the second, you end up having to highlight the pending returns and use Update Acks of Selected Returns  if the Ack has already been received on the first computer.

Hope this helps!