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Updated Recovery Rebate Form

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Is anyone aware of when the update might be released to include the second stimulus payment on the recovery rebate form?

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Although this may be sped up due to being a priority, standard turn-around time for Intuit to update things is about 3 weeks after they realize there is a need to change something.

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Sometime before IRS opens for Efiling.   If I had to guess, Id choose the 15th of January, since thats the last day IRS can send out that second round of EIP money, so many people wont necessarily know what they got until then.

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Jensen.... that snide response means that YOU have to monitor the counter now 🤣

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They might have them all mailed by January 15.  But the Post Office will need another week to deliver them, so make it January 22.  Well, OK, the 18th is a holiday, so January 25

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And of course, that doesn't take into account the additional $1,400, which could be signed into law before January 20 but probably won't be.  That one may have to be a credit against 2021 tax, based on 2020 income.   But with millions of 2019 returns not yet processed, how patient will taxpayers be while IRS finds time for 2020 returns?  And then we run into the problem of Treasury not being able to issue enough checks each week.  

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Only a week? You have great faith in the postal service.

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Hi Julie, they just updated it today. Line 30 now includes stimulus payments 1 and 2.