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unknown error 10250 state return not printing to pdf

Level 4

Has anyone noticed that when they print the "preparer's copy" of tax return to a pdf, that everything in the return is created in the pdf, except the state return.    I have not tried to see what happens with actual paper printing as opposed to PDF, because I don't feel like wasting 65 pages of paper to find out.   But this is happening fairly routinely with me this year (tax year 2023), and this has happened before.  It is sporadic, however, and sometimes eveything is fine. 

Also, this absolutely never happens with the "clients copy" and printing out pdf of that version.   Ihave applied all updates, and still doing this.  

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Level 15
Level 15

I only print the Filing copy and add a few extra worksheets that I want to be included, those other copies have too much fluff.  Ive never had any issues with printing.

That 10250 error seems to pop-up randomly for people, not sure if this will help or not.