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Two letters from the IRS

Level 8

Hi online community, maybe I should not ask this question but somehow a news on TV got me wondering. 

The famous two letters about the amount of the Third Stimulus and the ACTC received are not required to be attached to the return. I mean, if somebody knows the two amounts, there is not need to wait for those letters to file after the 24th? Just asking. Sorry. 

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You don't need to see the letters, but sometimes clients don't provide the most accurate answers verbally, so proceed at your own risk. 😁

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

You don't have any risk.  Ask the clients if they want you to proceed at their risk.  Quote them your fees for an amended return if the information they give you is wrong -- although I don't think amended returns would be necessary here, IRS will catch and correct the error.  

Level 11

I don't care if you require your clients to provide the letters or not. That's your risk to take.

Mine will be providing the letters if they wish me to file their return.

Level 8

And I do not care if you care. Learn how to provide an answer politely. 


Level 15

Like Bob said, if your client gives you incorrect amounts IRS will catch and correct the error.....SOMEDAY. Are you clients willing to wait for however long that may take?

Level 15


Why so testy?  Even the IRS is pushing out tons of notification that having these letters AND reconciling on the returns is VERY important ( I assume you get the IRS alerts).  If not done, return processing will be delayed.  And since it's likely many of those returns have refunds... do you really want to deal with the irate client calls about "where's my refund".

My organizer & client letter both state I will not even START processing the return until either the letters or transcripts are provided.


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Level 15

And if they end up getting a smaller refund or owing money they will blame you.

Level 8

Thank you everybody. If we educate our clients and show them how to create an account in the IRS.gov website, Sign In into your account tab, they can see all their records including the two amounts we have been discussing. I did it and I can see all my records including all the stimulus and the advanced tax credit. Thank you. 

Level 15

Ask them to print out their Tax Account screen, as proof, if they don't have their letters. And are you following the topic where the letters turn out not to match what the tax account is showing?

"although I don't think amended returns would be necessary here, IRS will catch and correct the error."

Yes, tell the clients, as was on the national evening news recently, that their potential 2021 refund delay due to an IRS correction or to filing an amendment likely will be similar to that delay right now; 6 million returns and 20 months out already.

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