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Taxpayer payment plan

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Does Proseries allow for taxpayers to set up a payment plan (the short 120 day option) for the IRS upon filing?  I have a client who would like to do this, and I cannot tell where in the forms I would set this up upon filing his return by October 15 (an not sure if this is an option to do thru Proseries, or if it would have to be a separate option thru IRS.gov / EFTPS.)  Can anyone tell me if this can be done thru the software?



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Level 15
Level 15

If youre going to pay it off in 120 days, you dont really need any "plan", just get it paid within that 120 day period.  If its not paid off within 120 days, they'll send a letter telling you to apply for an installment agreement.

Level 14
Level 14

Like Lisa said, for less than 120 days no plan required. If you do want to set up a plan use form 9465. Over the years a lot of tax professionals advise their clients to just make monthly payments if they will pay it off in less than 6 months and save the cost of setting up a plan with the IRS which I believe costs around $30, unless your low income, then the fee is waived