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Stop using Home Office

Level 9

Hi everyone,

Client stopped using their home office, so depreciation should be stopped. However, he is still working as self-employed and will receive a 1099-NEC and file Schedule C for the next year.

What I found in the Common Questions section is:

Follow these steps to stop depreciation on an asset:

  1. Open the Asset Entry Worksheet.
  2. Scroll down to the Dispositions section.
  3. Locate the Date of Disposition field.
  4. Enter the date the asset was no longer used for business.
  5. Do not complete the rest of the Disposition section.

  Do you think that would be enough to inform the IRS that the client stopped using the home office?

Any help!

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Level 15
Level 15

That stops the depreciation.  Then you print out the depreciation worksheet so you have the accumulated amount to recapture when the house sells

Level 9


You mean just enter the date of disposition, right?

I think I should click on QuickZoom and then follow those steps, am I right? dep.png 



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