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Spouse part year resident in VA

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I have a married couple who husband was full year resident in CA. The Spouse moved to VA on 5/1 to work. She got a DL there and apartment, intending to stay,   Evidently it didn't work out and she returned to CA at the end of the year. 

I am looking for advice on how to file this.  I tried to set her up as PY resident in VA, but the VA return keeps asking for the dates the husband was in VA even though he is listed as Full year resident in CA on the Fed worksheet.


thanks in advance

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Probably cheaper to file the 1040 MFJ. But will then need to do MFS returns to do the states. MFS CA resident for husband and MFS CA/VA part-year returns for wife. Attach the MFS 1040s to appropriate spouses' states.

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so a couple questions on this.

would I then have 3 separate files. One as if they were MFJ and the other as if they were MFS.  For efiling would I efile only the Fed on one and only the states on the other two?

I wasn't sure why you say attached MFS 1040 to states.   I would have thought you attach the MFJ to the states as that is what was filed.  Is the 1040 just attached using as a PDF, then?

Thanks for the help!!


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