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Social Security taxable amount wrong - ProSeries Professional software

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The program is calculating the taxable amount of social security income incorrectly.  The program is not calculating the correct amount on line 3 of the Social Security Benefits Worksheet.

Specifically, on line 3, the program is not using the correct amount from Schedule 1, line 9 in its calculation. When there is an amount on line 8 of Schedule 1 for the Unemployment Exclusion of $-10,200 it is ignoring that amount in the calculation of line 9, Schedule 1. So it is overstating the amount on line 3 of the SS Worksheet by $10,200, or what ever lessor amount is on line 8 of Schedule 1. Therefore, the program is including in income social security benefits that are not taxable on Form 1040 line 6b.

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Level 10

It's MAGI.

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Level 15
SS uses the entire amount of UI for its MAGI calculation.

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Level 15

The program is correct.  There are numerous other posts on this forum about the same thing.