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Security -- possible EFIN fraud

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I am aware that a security plan is required.  I am beginning to think what we have isn't enough.  We were notified of possible EFIN fraud.  I am reading all the IRS publications on keeping everything secure.  We are a very small firm.  I am curious how other firms are doing this?  Even though we decided not to, I am about ready to call it a day and switch to the cloud based program simply for cyber security.  


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Are you going to quit giving out copies of the 8879 with your EFIN on it? How is going to the cloud really going to change anything? I put my SSN on tax returns for a couple of decades until the PTIN came into being. 

SolarWinds ring a bell? Unemployment fraud ring a bell? 

We can run, but we can't hide from a dedicate crook.

Just sayin'

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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Level 15

How does cloud based solve anything? I would think your own computer and hard drive would be more secure than anything stored online somewhere.

Do you have cyber insurance?  have you spoke with them about how to better your data security?

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Thanks!  Your comments made me feel better.  

We do have cyber insurance.  I didn't think of asking them for ideas.  I will add them to my list to call today.  

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You're right.  The number is everywhere.  The reminder made me feel better.