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Schedule B -- Interest Income Glitch

Level 15

Client has $20,000 in savings bond interest.  Entered this yesterday as first line on Schedule B Interest, Box 3 column, and it showed up on two lines and $40,000 total.  Today I updated the program, deleted the line, entered it again.  Doesn't show up and doesn't add to AGI.  However, subtracts it out on state return.

Entered bank name (where bonds were cashed) and zero interest on first line of Schedule B.  Entered bank name and amount for Box 3 on second line.  Nothing shows up on either line.  Entered $1 interest on first line, and it doesn't show up on first line but the $20,000 does appear on second line.  

Check your Schedules B before filing!

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Level 9

Thank You. Add it to the list of What the for 2020.

Level 15

Thank you for the information Bob

Level 11

Thanks Bob,