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Sch A Line 16 Worksheet Line 35 has no magnifying glass linking dollar amount to source

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I have ProSeries Basic Edition. In attempting to verify the $47,000 casualty loss amount on Line 16 of the Sch A, I used the magnifying glass that took me to Line 26 of the Schedule A Line 16 "Miscellaneous Itemized Deduction Worksheet".  Line 26 showed no dollar amount and it's line description has nothing to do with a casualty loss. After scrolling up on the page and not finding any $47,000 listed, I scrolled to the bottom and found the amount on Line 35 "Net Qualified Disaster Loss". However, there is no magnifying glass allowing me to go to the source of that computation.  And using the "right click" feature doesn't help either. To find the source of that dollar amount, I had to go to "Forms In Use" and scroll down to find Form 4684. There should be a direct link between Line 35 "Net Qualified Disaster Loss" of the "Miscellaneous Itemized Deduction Worksheet" and the appropriate line number on page 1 of the Form 4684. 

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