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running a query

Julie 3981
Level 1

I do not see the query for those paying the Net Investment Tax for 2017.  Is there such a query that I am missing?  Thanks.  Julie 3981

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Level 15

I didn't go searching for it, but I trust your eyes and if you say you don't see it, I'm pretty confident it doesn't exist.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 8

Here's what to do -- I just asked myself the same question.

Select INDIVIDUALS as your home base view.

Then select column headings under "Homebase" from the menu

The choose AGI and dividends

Once you have those items in the home base view you can sort by AGI - looking at those with AGI over $250J.

Then review the list of AGI's > $250K and see who has significant dividends. If the dividends are large, then they likely have NII tax. Focus on those peeps. I'm going to send an email to those peeps and tell then of the opportunity (removing the NII) and the risk (my fee!).

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