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Reporting bugs, errors, fixes

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We need a means for reporting actual errors (not enhancements), bugs, and fixes to the software that are calculating the return or other worksheets such as the MFJ vs MFS and the What-If Worksheet. Our only option is to call into ProSeries and then stay on the line for an hour or more while we try to prove to the Intuit representative that we know what we are talking about and that an error actually exists. There were an unbelievable number of errors this year in the 2021 program. Examples include: the NOL limited to 80% of taxable income and the 2022 standard deduction in the What-If Worksheet. There were numerous errors in the MFJ vs MFS, rendering it totally useless for 2021. And there were other errors I could list. Years ago, we could submit to the developers, errors that were affecting the results of the actual tax returns. We really, really need this back!

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There is a bug in the 2023 Pro Series Intuit software that was NOT in the 2022 version.  When box 16 is checked on a K-1 and foreign income and deductions are entered, you must have at least one dollar in foreign taxes paid or the program will give you an error.  However, even if you have NO foreign taxes paid, you stil must enter the foreign income and deductions if Box 16 is checked on the K-1.  I have more than 15@K-1's that have foreign income and deductions reported but NO foreign taxes paid.

Can you please confirm you will correct his bug/error?


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