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Report a Proseries software error

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I found an error in Proseries 1065 partnership transmittal letter template. The mailing address for the Minnesota Department of Revenue is wrong. Is comes up as 1600 N Robert St but should be 600 N Robert St. I don't know where to report the issue. Thanks.

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Everything is done electronically for my clients so I hadn't noticed that.  The chances of someone from Intuit catching this post and making a change is somewhere between slim and none.  If it is a major concern, you might want to call support and give them a heads up.  If you don't want to spend time on the phone, the only other option is using some whiteout.

Slava Ukraini!
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Level 15

@IntuitGabi  cab this info get forwarded to the place that needs to see it? 

Client letter tax agency address has a typo.

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Level 11

as @IRonMaN suggests it my not be corrected in a timely manner…. Whiteout is a good thought or Maybe Use the below link as a workaround….i think the change is valid for 6 months


If at first you don’t succeed…..find a workaround
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We were able to find the address, but it was listed as "600". 
If you're still seeing this typo, attach a screenshot to this thread so we can investigate further. 


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