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rejected return due to dependent error/HOH intended for an unmarried couple

Level 1

we  filed a return where mother took her 2020 baby as her dependent, she got

EIC and larger stimulus credit and she had low earnings; father of baby listed

HOH for baby but did not take baby as dependent but child listed on dependent section of form 1040 which we thought needed due to coding available;

father's return went thru but mother's return was rejected under reason dependent

taken on another return; any suggestion as to how correct father's return

for way dependent section completed so that mother's return can be efiled

and she gets dependent

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Level 15

Father's will need to be amended. Mother's will need to be filed on paper.

Level 11

If they live together he can't use the baby to Qualify as head of household and her claim the same baby as a dependent for EIC.

Level 9

You never enter the dependents info in the dependent section for just HOH status if not taking the person as a dependent.

If the information is in the dependent section, you can put the N code for the EIC and the Q code for the person and it will cancel everything for that individual. I do this every year with children who are dependents of divorced parents on alternating years. Saves alot of data entry and works fine.

sjrcpa is correct.