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Transferring Clients

Level 2

Getting an "unknow error while attempting to transfer clients (146)" from 2019 to 2020. Approximately  95% transferred correctly.

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Level 15

youre not the only one.  



Ive learned from experience its WAY too soon to transfer clients into the new software, way too many bugs to be worked out.  I wait until January.

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I successfully transferred 346 out of 347 clients, but one didn't with error code 146. I went back into 2019 file and sanitized file, and also opened it and reviewed for anything unusual.  Not resolved.

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Level 8

I have the same error message. Almost all files transferred fine except for about 10 files. Called tech support - told to check that my computer is updated (it was) and told to google the error message for instructions. I did that also and nothing worked. I realize it is "Beta" but I use the checklists from Proseries to go with my year end mailing. Hopefully when I call next week they will have a better answer.

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Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry you ran ran into this Transfer (146) issue. It will be fixed ASAP.  In the meantime, there's a workaround you might want to use if you have one or two of these.

1. Create a New Client

2. Choose File-> Transfer and select "Complete Transfer". Browse for the file you'd like to transfer. 


If you have a lot you would probably want to wait a week or so until a fix goes out. Again, I'm sorry you ran into this issue and appreciate your patience.