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Recpvery rebate credit worksteek proseries

Hello and good morning everyone, in the recovery rebate credit worksheet I am filing taxes for a single person no dependent, Line 16 and 19 are highlighted in red, the system is asking me to put a number there what are they asking me in these lines I'm a bit confused. I thought the system would have calculated in this thanks 

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Line 16 enter the first amount the TP received. Line 19 enter the second amount TP received. This is to check if any other amount is due the TP. If the TP did not receive either one enter 0.

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ProSeries can't calculate anything until it knows what amount of Stimulus $ the client received last spring and late last year.  Some folks never received their funds, so conceivably that amount(s) would be added to any refund.

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Line 16 says: Enter the amount, if any, of the economic impact payment (EIP) 1 that was issued to you.

What don't you understand? Many people received this in 2020. Money was received. Enter it so you don't get it again.

Line 19-same as above, but EIP 2.

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Thank you 

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@conveniencebrokerage     I've read several of your questions on this forum which leads me to ask......

Are you charging taxpayers to prepare their taxes?  signing as the paid preparer ?  have a PTIN?

This is something EVERY  professional preparer would know.   

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