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date sold for reporting capital gains/losses

On the updated 1099-B worksheet for 2020, ProSeries requires a date sold, even if I only have the information of short or long term available. Before, I was able to just enter the holding period. Is there a way around needing the exact date sold? This will be a major hassle this tax season to try to track these exact dates down for certain clients with a high volume of purchases and sells. Thanks for any information.

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I summarize most transactions.  Ive just been fudging in a date that one of the trades sold on, hopefully they'll fix it that some point.

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It seems like 12/31/20 was a really good day.

Slava Ukraini!
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I had similar situation where my client had several sales with Ameritrade but his 1099B showed long and short sales summary on the form. SO for the short holding period I put one date that was earliest in the year, and for sales the latest in the year. The problem was solved. I did the same for the long holding period. I picked A for short and D for long from form 8949.

It worked.

Thank you

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I'm glad someone else is posting this issue.  I wish ProSeries would fix this.  The data entry process last year was so much easier.

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On the 1099-B worksheet, double click in the date box of the quick entry table. Name the worksheet. Then scroll down to Part II ( Manual Adjustments). Click the box regarding multiple sales.       Boom

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