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Child tax credit

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My daughter's father was incarcerated for 8 months of 2023 and did NOT provide even half of her support for that year. He filed taxes and claimed the CTC which I was unaware of until I tried to claim it. Is this legal?

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Claiming a dependent for which he obviously wasn't entitled is probably a good indication of his moral fiber and why he was incarcerated to begin with.  You can still paper file your return claiming your daughter and then deal with the a letter from the IRS down the road asking who is really entitled to claim her.  For the record, the parent for which the kid stayed more than half the nights in a year wins.  If dear old dad spent 8 months in prison, I think it is going to be pretty tough for him to prove he had custody for more than half of the year.


Slava Ukraini!
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what about leap year? 366/2 = 183

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Then cut the kid in half.

How often do you really see parents that have the number of nights split perfectly even in a leap year?

Slava Ukraini!