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QBI Software Error in Proseries

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I just prepared an 1120S return for a corporate client.  I then started the individual shareholder return.  I entered different amounts in the K1 using different IRC 179 and bonus depreciation amounts as I did some planning. I noticed that Proseries Professional did not recalculate the QBI income and deduction correctly after the changes.  It never changed from the original entry of one K1 input amount. It just happened that this one K1 was linked to another K1 S corp by aggregation.  I had to actually delete the return and re-transfer/import it in order to get the calculation to calculate correctly.  Alot of extra work.  I wanted to let others know and inquire if anyone else has run into this problem.  I would like to report it to Proseries but they no longer have an input in the software that I can find and according to their contact page herein they are closed today.  It is Sunday.

Any comments please.

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I had a partnership lose a partner this year and had to do a lot of overrides on the K-1's because the program was not very helpful.  The new 199A Statement A Summary is where I had to go to get my individual K-1's to come out correctly for QBI.   It must be nice for Intuit employees to have weekends off this time of year.

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Section D1 of the K1 is not fully displaying in my software. I updated my software again today.  Great that Intuit is CLOSED today when this is the first weekend of tax return filing ability.  I struggled with QBI last year too.  I had hoped that Proseries would have this fixed for 2020.  

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