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Though we never got the refund from a few years ago, PTIN fees going down for next year:

The IRS has issued final regulations that reduce the fees for the application and renewal of preparer tax identification numbers (PTINs). The new fee structure includes an $11 user fee and an $8.75 third-party contractor fee, resulting in a total annual fee of $19.75. This reduction comes after a district court ruled that the previous fee of $30.75 was excessive. The IRS arrived at the $11 user fee by estimating the cost of providing PTINs for the next three fiscal years, while the third-party contractor fee may change in 2026. The IRS requires anyone who prepares or assists in the preparation of federal tax returns to obtain a PTIN.
Now for real money INTU up to $ 655.05.. moving in on all time high. 


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Level 15

It should be WAY more, to weed out the riff raff!

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Was there no fee when it initially came into being? Were we not told to apply for this for security reasons? Do we now get unwanted spam (possibly scammers?) because PTIN holder information is public data? Why do we have to renew it every year? Just some questions that some nerd was pondering.

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3. I am a tax return preparer and my information is included in the directory. I do not want it to appear. What should I do? (updated May 24, 2023)

Log into your online PTIN account at IRS.gov/ptin. From the main menu, select the “Edit Account Information” tile. Click the “Preparer Directory Opt Out/In” option under the “Account Actions” section and follow the prompts.  

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Who is the third-party contractor?  Since the contract expires next year, how do @IRonMaN and I bid on it?  I am sure we can do it for $8.50.  As I recall, one of the contractors had an El Paso private mailbox address, a few miles from the southern border.  I'm sure I can find someone to do half the work cheaply in Mexico, and he can find someone to do the other half cheaply in Canada.  

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I probably can do it cheaper than the $8.50 since I can probably pay out some of those fees in monopoly money ------- it looks a lot like that funny looking currency that Canadians use.

Slava Ukraini!
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Absolutely dreadful experience trying to renew an intuit product.....you may wish to think long and hard about that P/E ratio.