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PS Professional HomeBase View Icons

Level 8

Can anyone provide information on what these icons represent please?


HomeBase Icons.jpg

I know the first one is to manage custom views and I know the last one reflects when a return is locked.  Can you shed some light on the ones in-between, please.  

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Level 15
Level 15

I dont know what they are, some kind of filtering and sorting I think.   I hit one of them once by accident and screwed everything up, I drag and drop them off the screen  😄

Level 15

Based on where they are located it has to be like Lisa said, but they look like something from a slot machine.  Since I have never had much luck playing slots, I think I will just leave them alone and go home a winner.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

So I started clicking on them on my home system, I cant screw anything up here, I got this screen to show up, no clue what Im suppose to do with it.


Level 7

The red exclamation point is if you have used the missing information feature of pro-series and once you mark you have received/fixed everything it doesn't show as marked.  The 99 I think is if you download W-2 or 1099's to be imported into return.